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Open enrollment for all benefits is in June of each year, to start the plan year of July through June of the following year. If you decide not to enroll as a new hire or during the open enrollment period, future enrollment in the benefit programs is only allowable if you have a new dependent, loss of other coverage, or change in marital status. Please note that it is imperative that you notify us if you have any life changes that affect who your beneficiaries are, the type of coverage needed, or where information can be sent. See the Change of Occurence section below or here on how to notify GMEI of the benefit changes. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any information changes, questions, or concerns.

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Diane Sanders

2018 Pay Schedule

Direct Deposit

Need to change your Direct Deposit?  Make changes on this form and email from a secure email address to or fax to 517-432-5694


Change of Occurrence or need to change your address?

Are you moving and need to change your address, getting married or adding to your family and need to add or delete to your health or dental insurance? We use a Benefit Management system, Next Generation, to allow you to change this information.  Read more here: Benefit Management System

Health Care Insurance

GMEI provides PPO health insurance through Physician Health Plan of Mid-Michigan. GMEI currently pays 90% of the premium.


Dental Insurance

GMEI provides dental insurance through Delta Dental of Michigan. GMEI pays 100% of the basic premium cost. (Click here for a brief summary of the benefits). For more information on Delta Dental and to review the network of participating dentists please refer to the Delta Dental website.GMEI also offers a buy up plan for Delta Dental.  The costs of the buy up plan are the responsibility of the employee to pay through a payroll deduction.

Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Long-Term Disability Coverage

GMEI provides life insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Long-Term Disability Coverage through the Standard (click here for a summary of benefits).You are automatically enrolled in this benefit and GMEI pays 100% of the premium. Voluntary Life Insurance is also available to you, your spouse and your dependents for an additional cost paid by the employee through payroll deduction.    

                    Standard Employee Group LTD Certificate and Summary Plan Descripton

                    Standard Employee Group Life Certificate and Summary Plan Description

Employee Assitance Program

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available through your Standard life insurance benefit. The EAP program can help with solutions to many things such as Depression, Substance or Alcohol Abuse, finding child or elder care to name a few.

Travel Assistance

If you are traveling and you need help, GMEI offers Travel Assistance through the Standard which include such things as Emergency Transportation Services and Medical Assistance.


         Need help deciding how many exemptions to take on your W-4?  The IRS has a withholding allowance calculator          that can help you make this decision.  Once you have made your changes, from a secure email address send to   or fax to 517.432-5694

401K Enrollment/Opt Out Form

Need to change your 401K contribution? You can fill out this form to change your contributions  You can choose to have your 401K documents delivered directly to your home or online by fill out this form.  All participants to the 401K must have a beneficiary designated which can be done using the beneficiary designation form.  Start planning for retirement early with this helpful guide from the United States Department of Labor on SAVINGS FITNESS:A GUIDE TO YOUR MONEY AND YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE.  After filling out the forms, please send them from a secure email to or fax to 517.432.5694.


Worker’s Compensation Coverage
All trainees are protected by workers’ compensation insurance through MHA Service Corps. GMEI pays 100% of the premium. The policy covers injury or illness resulting from legitimate work activities (such as needle sticks). By law, GMEI is required to report injuries covered under workers’ compensation within twenty-four (24) hours. Please report any work-related injury or illness immediately to your supervisor and/or Executive Director. Notice of Injury forms are available here and should be faxed to GMEI at (517) 432-5694.

Family Medical Leave Act

GMEI has a policy in place for the Family Medical Leave Act. In order to determine if you qualify for FMLA, please fill out this form and return to GMEI. GMEI will then send you the correct FMLA form for your situation.  Please read the Employees Rights and Responsibilities Under the Family Medical Leave Act brochure.