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Welcome to Graduate Medical Education, Inc. (GMEI)!

In addition to our commitment to provide GMEI trainees with an exceptional educational experience, we are committed to providing a benefit package that will protect the health and welfare of our valued trainees – you. Information regarding our benefits is provided for each of the benefits listed below. Please take the time to review each benefit.  The forms you need to complete will be sent to you through New Innovations, our Resident Management System. Once you have filled out the required forms, you may upload the information directly to New Innovations, mail the information or fax it.   Completing this information prior to the start of your training program will ease your transition and prevent any delays in receiving your paycheck or enrolling in the benefit programs. GMEI will need to see in person documents that establish your ability to work in the United States.  We recommend you make an appointment to come in before orientation to get this necessary and mandatory paperwork done.  

Click here to find a summary description of the benefits provided by Graduate Medical Education Inc (GMEI). This summary is intended only to provide an overview. Trainee benefit plans are reviewed at least annually and changes may be mandated by governmental regulation or may be desirable from the GMEI’s standpoint. GMEI reserves the right to add, terminate, alter or replace the various benefit programs.

  • Enrolling in Health, Dental and Life Insurance for the first time?

GMEI uses a benefit manager called Next Generation Enrollment for benefit enrollment.  When the system is open to you for enrollment, you will be sent information on how to enroll. 

  • Health Care Insurance

GMEI provides PPO health insurance through Physician Health Plan of Mid-Michigan. GMEI currently pays 90% of the premium.

  • Dental Insurance

GMEI provides dental insurance through Delta Dental of Michigan. GMEI pays 100% of the basic premium cost. (Click here for a brief summary of the benefits). For more information on Delta Dental and to review the network of participating dentists please refer to the Delta Dental website.GMEI also offers a buy up plan for Delta Dental.  The costs of the buy up plan are the responsibility of the employee to pay through a payroll deduction.

  • Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Long-Term Disability Coverage

GMEI provides life insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Long-Term Disability Coverage through the Standard (click here for a summary of benefits).You are automatically enrolled in this benefit and GMEI pays 100% of the premium. Voluntary Life Insurance is also available to you, your spouse and your dependents for an additional cost paid by the employee through payroll deduction.    

                    Standard Employee Group LTD Certificate and Summary Plan Descripton

                    Standard Employee Group Life Certificate and Summary Plan Description

  • Employee Assitance Program

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available through your Standard life insurance benefit. The EAP program can help with solutions to many things such as Depression, Substance or Alcohol Abuse, finding child or elder care to name a few.

  • Travel Assistance

If you are traveling and you need help, GMEI offers Travel Assistance through the Standard which include such things as Emergency Transportation Services and Medical Assistance.

         For all incoming Residents/Fellows:  Your first paycheck will be issued on July 17, 2015

  • W-4

         Need help deciding how many exemptions to take on your W-4?  The IRS has a withholding allowance calculator          that can help you make this decision.


  • 401K Enrollment/Opt Out Form

You may invest in a 401K. You are automatically enrolled to invest 3% from your paycheck that will be withheld and deposited in an account in your name.  You may choose not to contribute if you desire, but MUST fill out this form to stop the contribution.  You can choose to have your 401K documents delivered directly to your home or online by fill out this form.  All participants to the 401K must have a beneficiary designated which can be done using the beneficiary designation form.  Start planning for retirement early with this helpful guide from the United States Department of Labor on SAVINGS FITNESS:A GUIDE TO YOUR MONEY AND YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE.

  • Worker’s Compensation Coverage

All trainees are protected by workers’ compensation insurance through Coverys. GMEI pays 100% of the premium. The policy covers injury or illness resulting from legitimate training activities (such as needle sticks). By law, GMEI is required to report injuries covered under workers’ compensation within twenty-four (24) hours. Please report any work-related injury or illness immediately to your supervisor and/or the GMEI Executive Director at 517-432-4324. Notice of Injury forms are available here and should be faxed to GMEI at (517) 432-5694.


Other Important information to help you start your training

  • Social Security Number

In order to work in the United States, you must have a social security number (click here for application assistance). If you do not already have a social security number, please apply for one today so as not to delay your stipend check once you start your training program.

  • Michigan Driver’s License

Michigan Department of State determines the application requirements for new Michigan residents older than 18 years of age. Application for a driver’s license requires proof of residency and identification. The terms are described clearly on the Michigan Department of State website.


  • Obtaining a National Provider Identifier Standard (NPI)