Graduate Medical
Education Inc.

Internal Review

Graduate Medical Education, Inc. (GMEI) has been asked by our institutional partners McLaren Greater Lansing and Sparrow to coordinate internal reviews of the Lansing community's graduate medical education training programs. The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) requires the review of graduate medical education training programs at the midpoint of the accreditation cycle.

Internal reviews are conducted to assist all programs in meeting accreditation standards. The reviews should assess each program in the following areas:

  • The educational objectives of each program;
  • The effectiveness of each program in meeting its objectives;
  • The adequacy of available educational and financial resources to support the program;
  • The effectiveness of each program in addressing areas of noncompliance and concerns in previous AOA-approval letters and previous internal reviews;
  • The effectiveness of each program in defining, in accordance with the Basic Standards ( Section II) and Specialty College 's requirements, the specific knowledge,skills, attitudes, and educational experiences required for the interns, residents or fellows to achieve competence in the following: patient care, medical knowledge,practice-based learning and improvement,interpersonal and communication skills,professionalism, systems-based practice, and osteopathic philosophy and osteopathic manipulative medicine;
  • The effectiveness of each program in using evaluation tools developed to assess an intern's, resident's or fellow's level of competence in each of the seven general areas listed above;
  • The effectiveness of each program in using dependable outcome measures developed for each of the seven competencies listed above; and,
  • The effectiveness of each program in implementing a process that links educational outcomes with program improvement.


GMEI schedules Internal Reviews at the request of the Sponsoring Institution's Graduate Medical Education Committee.