Graduate Medical
Education Inc.

Resident-led Research Mini-Grants

Who is eligible to apply for the Resident-led Research Mini-Grants?

All interns/residents/fellows based out of the Lansing-East Lansing community graduate medical education training programs are invited to submit applications. Only applications submitted by this group will be considered.

How do I apply for the Resident-led Research Mini-Grants?

The first step is to review these guidelines:

1. Process

  • All applications must be typed (10-point font, without a justified right margin) using the on-line form. No hand-written forms will be accepted.
  • Only projects submitted to an Institutional Research Board (IRB) will be considered.
  • Applicants must include a copy of the IRB proposal. Note that an applicant does not need IRB approval to submit a grant request. No grant will be awarded until there is final IRB approval or an appropriate IRB waiver.

2. Criteria

  • Favorable consideration will be given to research that has an impact on human health or enhances medical education.
  • There is a priority given to original research, including chart reviews and scientific case series.
  • Favorable consideration will be given to projects that can be reasonably completed in a short period of time and using the resources requested in the grant. Projects contingent upon external funding will require critical consideration.
  • Case studies will not be funded.

3. Budget

  • A budget must be included as part of the grant application.
  • The budget must show line-item expenses.
  • If the applicant requests statistical support, there must be an estimate of the total time needed. Grants will not support statistical and research advisor support at a rate exceeding $85/hr.
  • The applicant must include any materials at a rate that reflects an actual cost basis (not based on hospital and clinic charges). This means that the investigator needs to negotiate a cost-basis arrangement with the participating institutions.
  • There will be no paid support to the investigators.

4. Acknowledgements

  • All grant recipients must acknowledge in all poster and oral presentations that the work “has been supported by a grant by Graduate Medical Education Incorporated.”
  • The grant recipient must submit her or his final scholarly product to the GMEI Mid-Michigan Regional Research Day.

Download the Resident-led Research Mini-Grant Application. Answer the questions and e-mail your application to You can also fax your application to (517) 364-2763; attention Diane Sanders.

How much funding is available?

GMEI intends to fund up to $3,500 in applications for each of the funding cycles for a total of $7,000.

Do I have to have my Program Director sign this application?

Yes, without a Program Director signature, the application will be considered incomplete and will not be considered for funding. GMEI is relying on your Program Director to assess whether the project you are proposing contributes to your educational development and the medical community at large.

When do I get the money if my application is approved?

GMEI will require your signature on an agreement indicating the terms and conditions of this funding. Basically, we will ask that you confirm your intention to use the funds to support your research in the way indicated on your application, that you will submit an abstract to the Mid-Michigan Regional Research Day, and that you will complete a final report explaining how the funds were used and identifying where you submitted abstracts or presented on your findings. Funded projects will be recognized during Research Day in the event program.

Once this paperwork is completed, GMEI will provide the funded residents with the approved funding and notify appropriate Program Directors of the awards.